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HUMANS  人类联盟

HERO  英雄

Blood Mage - Mystical Hero, adept at controlling magic and ranged assaults. Can learn Flame Strike, Banish, Mana Shield, and Mark of Fire. Attacks land and air units.


Flame Strike - Conjures a pillar of fire which damages ground units in a target area over time.


Mana Shield - Surrounds the affected unit with a temporary shield that will absorb a set amount of magical or physical damage.

魔法盾 - 一个环绕着目标单位的临时性的护盾,能吸收一定数量的魔法或是物理伤害.

Banish - Turns a unit temporarily ethereal so that it cannot attack or be attacked physically. It may cast spells and have spells cast upon it, however.

放逐 - 将一个单位暂时变为漂浮状态,使他不能使用或受到物理伤害.但还是可以使用法术和受法术影响.

Mark of Fire [Ultimate] - Sacrifices a target non-mechanical unit to create a Phoenix. This mythical bird's fiery wings will singe nearby air attackers. Immune to magic. Attacks land and air units.

火焰印记 [终极技能] - 牺牲一个非机械单位来创造一只凤凰.这只神话中的鸟的火焰羽翼会对附近的空中单位造成火焰伤害.魔法免疫,攻击地面及空中单位.


Dragon Hawk - Swift flying unit, mounted by an Elven warrior. Has the Cloud ability. Attacks land and air units.
龙鹰 - 载着精灵战士的灵巧飞行单位.有"迷雾"的技能.攻击地面和空中的单位.

Cloud - Creates a small cloud that stops buildings with ranged attacks that are within it from attacking.

迷雾 - 制造一小片迷雾来阻止笼罩在里面的建筑物远程攻击.

Spell Breaker - Elven warrior trained to disrupt and contort magical energies. Initially has the Spell Immunity ability, which renders him immune to magic. Can also learn Spell Steal. Attacks land units.

魔法破坏者 - 受过破坏和扭曲魔法力量训练的精灵战士.一开始就有魔法免疫的能力.还有学习法术偷取的能力.攻击地面单位.

Spell Immunity - The Spell Breaker is immune to all spells (exactly like the Dryad).

法术免疫 - 对所有法术免疫(与树妖类似)

Spell Steal - Steals a positive buff from an enemy unit and applies it to a nearby friendly unit and/or removes a negative buff from a friendly units and applies it to an enemy unit. This is an auto-cast ability.

法术偷取 - 从敌人单位身上偷取一个有益的辅助魔法效果,并且把它使用到临近的友军身上.或是从友军身上移除一个有害的辅助魔法效果并把它放到敌人单位身上.这是个自动施放的技能.


Arcane Vault - Creates a shop from which Heroes can purchase and sell items. The items available are dependant upon what level of upgrade your Town Hall has (Town Hall, Keep, or Castle) and what buildings you have.

神秘避难所 - 制造一个商店.英雄可以在这里买卖物品.只要你有这座建筑,里面的可以买到的物品就会随着你自己的城镇升级而增加(市政厅,要塞,城堡).


Research Rocket Tank - This upgrade changes Steam Tanks into War Engines, giving them a rocket-like attack versus air units. CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVE!

研究火箭坦克 - 这个升级项目可以把蒸汽坦克变为"战争机器",给它们火箭用以攻击空中单位.


HERO  英雄

Warden - Cunning Hero, adept at entering and escaping combat. Can learn Blink, Fan of Knives, Shadow Strike and Spirit of Vengeance. Attacks land and air units.

守卫者 - 灵敏的英雄,擅长插入和脱离的战斗.可以学习闪烁,刀阵,暗影冲击和复仇之魂.攻击地面和空中单位.

Blink - Teleports the Warden a short distance, allowing her to move in and out of combat.

闪烁 - 短距离传送守卫者,允许她从战斗中移进或移出.

Fan of Knives - The Warden flings a flurry of knives at multiple enemy targets around her.

刀阵 - 守卫者射出一片飞刀攻击她周围的敌人.

Shadow Strike - The Warden hurls a poisoned dagger with incredible force at a target enemy ground unit causing damage and temporarily slowing the target.

暗影冲击 - 守卫者对着一个敌人的地面单位以不可思议的力量投出一把带毒的飞刀,对目标造成伤害和暂时的减速.

Spirit of Vengeance [Ultimate] - Creates a powerful fighting Spirit from the bodies of fallen allies. The strength of the Spirit of Vengeance is proportional to the number of fallen allies nearby. Immune to magic. Attacks land and air units.

复仇之魂[终极技能] - 从死亡的盟军的尸体上创造出一个强力的战斗之魂.这个魂魄的力量与附近死亡的盟军数量成正比.对魔法免疫.攻击地面和空中单位.


Hippogryph Rider - This Archer mounted Hippogryph now has the ability to allow its rider to dismount.

角鹰骑士 - 这只骑着弓箭手的角鹰现在获得了让它的骑手从自己身上下来的能力.

Mountain Giant - Slow moving melee unit that can take incredible amounts of punishment. Has the Taunt and War Club abilities. Can learn Hardened Skin and Resistant Skin. Attacks land units.

山岭巨人 - 这个移动缓慢的近战单位可以承受令人难以置信的打击.有"嘲讽"和"战争之棍 "的能力.可以学习"坚硬皮肤"和"抗性皮肤".攻击地面单位

Taunt - Causes nearby enemies to switch their attack to the Mountain Giant.

嘲讽 - 使附近的敌人转而攻击这个山岭巨人.

War Club - Gives the Mountain Giant a temporary siege enhanced attack.

战争之棍 - 给予山岭巨人临时的强化的攻城攻击.

Hardened Skin - Gives Mountain Giants increased resistance to attack damage.

坚硬皮肤 - 提高山岭巨人对攻击的抵抗力.

Resistant Skin - Gives Mountain Giants increased resistance to spell damage

抗性皮肤 - 提高山岭巨人对法术的抵抗力.

Faerie Dragon - Small quick flying unit, effective against enemy casters. Has the Phase Shift and Mana Flare abilities. Immune to magic. Attacks land and air units.

精灵龙 - 快速的小型飞行单位,能有效的对抗敌人的施法单位. 具有"相位变换"和"魔力闪耀"的能力.魔法免疫.攻击地面和空中单位.

Phase Shift - Allows the Faerie Dragon to briefly turn ethereal, breaking targeting of enemy units. This is an auto-cast ability.

相位变换 - 让精灵龙可以暂时变为漂浮单位,令敌人无法攻击.这是个自动施放的技能.

Mana Flare - Causes the Faerie Dragon to channel negative magical energies that damage nearby enemies when they cast spells.

魔力闪耀 - 精灵龙可以把有害魔法的力量转移,去伤害施法者附近的单位.


All NE Ancients can now attack while rooted.


Ancient of Wonders - Creates a shop from which Heroes can purchase items. The items available are dependant upon what level of upgrade your Tree of Life has (Tree of Life, Tree of Ages, or Tree of Eternity) and what buildings you have.

奇迹古树 - 制造一个商店,英雄可以在这里购买物品,只要你有这座建筑,里面的可以买到的物品就会随着你自己的生命之树升级而增加(生命之树,远古之树,永恒之树).


Cyclone - This spell is now dispellable.

飓风 - 这个法术现在可以被驱散了.

Well Spring Upgrade - This upgrade increases Moon Well mana capacity and mana regeneration rate.

升级自然之力 - 这个升级项目可以增加月井的魔法容量和魔法恢复速度.

Enchanted Bears (temp name) Upgrade - This upgrade allows Druids of the Claw to cast Roar while in Bear Form

升级魔化熊(暂定名) - 这个升级项目可以使利爪德鲁依在熊形态使用"吼叫"

Enchanted Crows (temp name) Upgrade - Allows Druids of the Talon to cast Faerie Fire from Storm Crow Form.

升级魔化乌鸦(暂定名) - 使天空德鲁依可以在乌鸦形态使用"精灵之火"

ORCS  兽人

HERO  英雄

Shadow Hunter - Cunning Hero, adept at healing magics and voodoo curses. Can learn Healing Wave, Hex, Serpent Ward and Big Bad Voodoo. Attacks land and air units.

暗影猎手 - 灵敏的英雄,擅长治疗法术和诅咒巫术.可以学习治疗波,巫术,毒蛇守卫和巫毒.攻击地面和空中单位.

Healing Wave - Calls forth a wave of energy that heals a target and bounces to nearby friendlies. Each bounce heals less damage.

治疗波 - 使用波状的能量来治疗目标,并且反弹到邻近的友军身上.每次反弹后效果都会减弱.

Hex - Temporarily transforms an enemy unit into a random critter, disabling special abilities.

巫术 - 使一个敌人单位暂时变成随机的中立生物,特殊的残废法术.

Serpent Ward - Summons an immobile serpentine ward to attack the Shadow Hunter's enemies. Attacks land and air units.

毒蛇守卫 - 召唤一个固定弯曲的守卫来攻击暗影猎手的敌人.攻击地面和空中单位.

Big Bad Voodoo [Ultimate] - Turns all friendly units invulnerable in an area around the Shadow Hunter. The Shadow Hunter does not turn invulnerable.

巨大巫毒[终极技能] - 把暗影猎手周围的一定范围内的友军变为无敌状态.暗影猎手自身并不变成无敌的.


Troll Batrider - Light flying unit with incredible eyesight. Good at destroying buildings. Has the Unstable Concoction ability, which allows the Troll Batrider to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemy air units. Can learn the Liquid Fire ability. Attacks land units.

巨魔蝙蝠骑士 - 有着难以置信的视力的轻型飞行单位.擅长摧毁建筑物.具有"不稳定化合物"的能力,它允许巨魔蝙蝠骑士自爆,对附近的敌方空中单位造成伤害.可以学习"燃烧弹".攻击地面单位.

Unstable Concoction - Causes a powerful explosion that deals damage to nearby enemy air units.

不稳定化合物 - 造成强烈的爆炸,对周围的敌方空中单位造成伤害.

Liquid Fire - Flings a volatile liquid that causes buildings to take damage over time. Buildings that are currently taking damage from Liquid Fire cannot be repaired.

燃烧弹 - 对建筑物投掷挥发性液体,造成持续的伤害.正在受到燃烧弹伤害的建筑物无法被修复.

Spirit Walker - Tauren caster who can shift between the corporeal and spirit worlds. Can cast Spirit Link, Disenchant, and Ancestral Spirit.

灵魂行者 - 可以在肉体状态和灵魂状态之间变换的牛头人法师.可以使用"灵魂链接","清醒",和"先古之魂".

Corporeal/Ethereal Form - Allows the Spirit Walker to morph between corporeal and ethereal form.

肉体/灵魂形态 - 灵魂行者可以变形为肉体和灵魂形态.

Ancestral Spirit - Allows a Spirit Walker to resurrect dead non-Hero Tauren.

先古之魂 - 灵魂行者可以复活非英雄的牛头人.

Disenchant - Damages all summoned units in an area.

清醒 - 伤害一定区域的所有召唤生物.

Spirit Link - Links the spirits of several friendly units together so that damage to one unit will be shared to some extent by all the units linked to it.

灵魂链接 - 连接几个单位的灵魂.攻击其中一个时,其他灵魂连接在一起的单位会分享伤害.


Reinforced Orc Burrow - Upgraded version of the Orc Burrow with greater hit points and greater defenses.

强化兽人地堡 - 兽人地堡升级版.拥有更大的生命值和防御力.

Voodoo Lounge - Creates a shop from which Heroes can purchase items. The items available are dependant upon what level of upgrade your Great Hall has (Great Hall, Stronghold, or Fortress) and what buildings you have.

巫毒帐篷 - 制造一个商店,英雄可以在里面购买物品.只要你有这座建筑,里面的可以买到的物品就会随着你自己的大厅升级而增加(大厅,要塞,堡垒).


Troll Berserker - Troll Headhunters may now be upgraded into Troll Berserkers, which are tougher and have the Berserk ability. Can learn Troll Regeneration.

巨魔狂战士 - 巨魔猎头者可以升级成巨魔狂战士.他们是拥有"狂暴"技能的恶棍.可以学习"巨魔再生".

Berserk - Gives the Troll Berserker faster movement and attack rate; however, they will also take more damage from attacks.

狂暴 - 给予巨魔狂战士更快的移动速度和攻击频率.不过,他们受到的攻击也会造成更多的伤害.

Ensnare - This ability is no longer dispellable, and it can target magic-immune units.

诱捕 - 这个技能不再能够被驱散,并且可以作用于魔法免疫单位.

Wind Walk - If the Blademaster attacks a unit to break invisibility, he will deal bonus damage.

疾风步 - 剑圣攻击一个单位从而打破隐身状态时,会造成额外的伤害.



Crypt Lord - Warrior Hero, adept at summoning insect minions and crushing enemies. Can learn Impale, Spiked Carapace, Carrion Beetles and Locust Swarm. Attacks land units.

地穴领主 - 战士英雄,擅长召唤昆虫和解决敌人.可以学习穿刺,尖刺外壳,腐尸甲虫,蝗群风暴.攻击地面单位.

Impale - The Crypt Lord impales a target enemy unit, then flings it into the air. When the impaled unit hits the ground, it is stunned.

穿刺 - 地穴领主刺穿一个敌人的身体,然后把他扔到控制.当这个敌人落地时会因为撞击而眩晕.

Spiked Carapace - The Crypt Lord forms barbed layers of chitinous armor that increase its defense and return damage to enemy melee attackers.

尖刺外壳 - 地穴领主用一层有刺的外壳覆盖自己,提高自己的防御力,并且反弹敌人的近身伤害.

Carrion Beetles - Progenerates a Carrion Beetle from a target corpse. At higher levels of the spell's proficiency, these Beetles can burrow into the ground to hide from enemies. While they are burrowed, they cannot attack.

腐尸甲虫 - 从尸体上召唤一个腐尸甲虫.这个法术到了高等级以后,这个甲虫可以钻地来躲避敌人.当它们钻地时无法攻击.

Locust Swarm [Ultimate] - Summons a swarm of locusts that attack nearby enemies and restore hit points to the Crypt Lord commensurate with the damage the locusts inflict

蝗群风暴[终极技能] - 召唤一群蝗虫攻击附近的敌人,并恢复地穴领主与造成的伤害数量相同的生命值


Obsidian Statue - Fortified statue with an aura that causes nearby wounded friendly Undead units to regenerate hit points at a faster rate. Can cast Absorb Mana and Replenish Mana. The benefits of its aura can be enhanced through research. Can also research Sphinx Form.

黑曜石雕像 - 带光环的强化的石像,这个光环可以让附近的不死军团单位加快生命值的恢复速度.可以使用"吸收法力"和"补充法力".光环的效果可以通过升级来强化.还可以研究"斯芬克司形态".

Aura of Blight - Regenerative aura that only affects friendly Undead units. This effect does not stack with other statues or with Blight.

枯萎光环 - 只能作用于不死军团单位的再生光环.它的效果不能与其他雕像或者枯萎光环重叠.

Absorb Mana - Drains a target owned unit of mana. All mana stolen will fill the Statue's mana pool.

吸收法力 - 吸干一个己方单位的法力.所有偷来的法力会储存在雕像的法力池中.

Replenish Mana - Replenish the mana of a target friendly unit. This is an auto-cast ability.

补充法力 - 补充一个目标单位的法力.这是个自动施放的技能.

Sphinx Form - Transforms the Obsidian Statue into a powerful flying unit. Attacks land and air units.

斯芬克司形态 - 把黑曜石雕像变为一个强大的飞行单位.攻击地面和空中单位.

Black Sphinx - Large flying unit with powerful anti-caster abilities. Can cast Devour Mana and Orb of Annihilation. Attacks land and air units.

黑色斯芬克司 - 拥有强大反魔法能力的大型飞行单位.可以使用"魔法吞噬"和"毁灭之球".攻击地面和空中单位.

Devour Magic - Dispels units of all magic buffs within an area. Every buff dispelled will be converted into hit points and mana for the Black Sphinx. This spell will also deal damage to summoned units in the area of effect.

魔法吞噬 - 驱散一个范围内的单位身上所有魔法效果.所有被驱散的辅助法术都会转化为黑色斯芬克司的生命值和法力.这个法术也会对该区域内的召唤生物造成伤害.

Orb of Annihilation - Gives the Sphinx a more powerful attack that delivers splash damage. This is an auto-cast ability.

毁灭之球 - 斯芬克司可以释放强力的溅射伤害.这是个自动施放技能.


Tomb of Relics - Creates a shop from which Heroes can purchase items. The items available are dependant upon what level of upgrade your Necropolis has (Necropolis, Halls of the Dead, or Black Citadel) and what buildings you have.

崩溃墓穴 - 制造一个商店,影响可以在里面购买物品.只要你有这座建筑,里面的可以买到的物品就会随着你自己的大墓地升级而增加(大墓地,亡者大厅,黑色城堡).


Crypt Fiend - This unit may now learn the Burrow ability.

地穴恶魔 - 可以学习"钻地"技能.

Burrow (Crypt Fiend/Carrion Beetle) - Allows Crypt Fiends to burrow into the ground, become invisible, and regenerate hit points at a faster rate. While burrowed, Crypt Fiends cannot attack.

钻地(地穴恶魔/腐尸甲虫) - 地穴恶魔可以钻进地下,变成隐身状态,并且加快生命恢复速度.当钻地时,地穴恶魔不能攻击.

Web - This ability is no longer dispellable, and it can target magic-immune units.

蛛网 - 这个技能不再能够被驱散,并且可以作用于魔法免疫单位.

Skeletal Mage - A unit summoned by the Raise Dead spell once Skeletal Mastery has been researched. Like Skeleton Warriors, Skeletal Mages can benefit from Skeletal Longevity.

骷髅法师 - 一旦研究了"骷髅掌握","复活死尸"法术就可以召唤这个单位.像骷髅战士一样,骷髅法师也会受益于"骨质增强".

Upgrade Aura of Blight - Increases the regenerative effect of the Obsidian Statue's hit point regeneration.

升级枯萎光环 - 增加黑曜石雕像的生命恢复的效果.

Exhume Corpses Upgrade - This upgrade allows Me Wagons to generate corpses like a Graveyard. A new corpse is generated every X seconds and is placed inside their cargo. CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVE.

挖掘尸体升级 - 这个升级项目可以使运尸车像坟场一样制造尸体.每隔X秒就可以产生一个新的尸体放到运尸车里.


HERO  英雄

Dark Ranger - Cunning Hero, adept at manipulating opponents. Can learn Silence, Black Arrow, Life Drain, and Charm. Attacks land and air units.

黑暗射手 - 灵敏的英雄,擅长利用对手.可以学习"寂静","黑羽箭","生命吸取"和"迷惑".攻击地面和空中单位.

Silence - Stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells for a short duration.

寂静 - 在短时间内阻止一定区域内所有单位施法.

Black Arrow - Adds extra damage to attacks. Enemy ground units killed while under the effect of Black Arrow will turn into skeletons.

黑羽箭 - 给攻击增加额外的伤害.被黑羽箭杀死的敌人地面单位会变成骷髅.

Life Drain - Channeling spell that siphons health from the target to the Dark Ranger for a period of time or until the affected unit moves out of range. Dispel does not affect the spell.

生命吸取 - 把目标单位的生命值转移给黑暗射手的持续性法术,持续一段时间或是直到目标单位移动出法术射程以外.不能驱散.

Charm [Ultimate] - Takes control of a target enemy unit. Charm cannot be used on Heroes, or on creeps who are too powerful.

迷惑[终极技能] - 控制一个目标单位.迷惑不能作用于英雄,或是太强的野外生物.


Marketplace - A store for purchasing goods. As creeps are killed, whatever items they drop will simultaneously stock this store.

集市 - 购买货物的商店,一旦有野外生物被杀,无论掉出了什么物品,商店都会在同时进货.

Goblin Shipyard - Sells boats.

地精船坞 - 出售船只.

Tavern - Allows you to hire various Heroes

酒馆 - 可以雇佣多种英雄.